Digital Aerolus – Aertos 120 UVC Disinfecting Drone

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How the Aertos 120-UVC Disinfects

UVC Dose  = UVC Intensity  x Exposure time

  • The Aertos 120-UVC contains 36 optical intense 265 NM LED UVC sources arranged in an array pointing down from the drone
  • When the drone flies 6 feet (2 meters) above a surface for three to five minutes, it provides higher than a 99% disinfection rate in the red center of the green box.

There are multiple variables in every disinfection situation.

As a general rule, if a greater than 3 milli-Joules of energy can be delivered to a surface, then a greater than 99% disinfection rate is achieved.

Images in Product Gallery

These images are the output from Zemax OpticalStudio using data provided by Crystal IS/Klaran, the company providing the UVC light sources arrayed on the Aertos 120-UVC.

1UP will provide users with additional information and software resources to determine the correct UVC dose for each disinfection before the Aertos 120-UVC’s is utilized.

  • Illuminator
  • Wrapped Handgrips fo Launch & Catch
  • Carbon Fiber Body
  • Patented Touch & Go Technology
  • Folded GEometry Flight Code (FGC)

View Aertos 120 UVC in action:


The need for tools that can combat pathogens has never been greater. In spaces that are high risk for exposure to the
COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus, sending humans to disinfect these areas is a significant health risk.

The new Aertos 120-UVC drone combines a proven industrial drone platform with verified UVC disinfection
capabilities to significantly reduce health risks for humans on the front line of fighting viruses and pathogens.

  • The Aertos 120-UVC drone provides UVC
    disinfection capabilities for essential
    businesses in multiple areas:
  • Healthcare facilities – patient rooms, hospital
    rooms, and waiting areas
  • Grocery stores – checkout spaces
  • Airplanes and Public Transit – seats and
    exposed surfaces
  • Business common areas – restrooms,
    workrooms, breakroom surface areas

Confined Space Flight Without GPS

Revolutionary engineering with patented core technologies including mathematics similar to those used in spacecraft navigation for stability without GPS, and proprietary AI behaviors not found in other commercial drones.  Breakthrough “Folded Geometry Code (FGC) flight control software that equips the Aertos 120 to fly stably without external sensors.

This groundbreaking capability produces stable and predictable flight in confined spaces and GPS-denied areas to improve missions safety, increase efficiency, lower costs, and protection from risky operations.

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Digital Aerolus builds the most advanced industrial drones on the planet.

Designed and built to explore indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces.

The Aertos™ line of commercial drones uses revolutionary, patented systems that apply technologies and mathematics, similar to those used in deep space navigation.

Digital Aerolus has developed breakthrough flight software, allowing our drones to fly in confined spaces and GPS-denied areas. Our Aertos™ drones use AI technologies not found in other commercial drones.

180 degree 2-Axis Inspection Gimbal
Full HD 4K Video
12 MP Still Camera
FPV Camera
Wrapped Handgrips for Launch & Catches
Carbon Fiber Body
Ducted Blades
Patented “Touch and Go” Technology
Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC)