DJI Matrice 200


High-performance motors paired with 17-inch propellers ensure stable flight in strong winds. The new dual-battery power system automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures, while an enclosed design ensures weather and water resistance, so you can fly in a wide range of environments.



•7 km operation range

•38 minute max flight time

•IP43 level ingress protection

•2 KG max payload capacity


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Active track
Keep moving subjects in frame while you fly with ease to capture detailed data. Perfect for keeping track of missing persons while you relay their position to a rescue team.

Point of interest
Easily circle your object of interest to focus on capturing the data needed for a detailed inspection, compatible with the X4S and X5S cameras.

Obstacle avoidance
A robust Flight-Autonomy system with front, bottom and upper sensors detect and
avoid obstacles while enabling precision hovering so that you can fly with confidence.

App Compatibility
Conveniently control and customize your M200 Series drone with DJI GO 4 or DJI Pilot, an Android app built for enterprise users. Flight planning can be done using DJI GS Pro.

The M200 series uses DJI’s top of the line Lightbridge transmission system, enabling low-latency controls and live feeds from the aircraft.

DJI Airsense
With a built-in ADS-B receiver, the M200 Series enhances airspace safety by automatically providing the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft.