1UP Announces Drone-Vertising Adverts....Word Lariat Lodge, Evergreen, CO - 1UP Drones

1UP Announces Drone-Vertising Adverts….Word Lariat Lodge, Evergreen, CO


November 8, 2017 – 1UP officially announces a new aerial social media service called “1UP Drone-Vertising Adverts

1UP is once again at the forefront of digital media and marketing trends by offering this exclusive service that takes the best of 2 worlds. We capture eye-popping, extraordinary aerial videos and combine these “new frontier” videos with intriguing client branded marketing and customized logo’d digital media. This service is ideal for the small business owner who has a limited marketing budget, a gorgeous Colorado property to showcase, and is focused on social media. Drones create a new avenue for digital media exploitation.

Restaurants, brew pubs, ice cream stores, boutique hotels, motorcycle dealerships, spas, and even cannabis farms have been our early adopters. The market is unlimited and any business that is new or determined to spread the word on their product/service will absolutely bring in more clients. Our beta clients have said:


“Over the top marketing…”

“Attention grabber from the git-go…”

“You’ve increased my web traffic and SoMe hits by an order of magnitude…”

“With the holidays approaching drone-vertising adverts brings us new, creative ways to showcase our property…”

“In the instantaneous age we live in, with “drone-vertising” we can have hard-hitting, professional, eye-popping, “mini” campaigns for FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms frequently…”

The exclusive aerial digital media service from 1UP ranges in price from $500 to $1000 for a fully customized 30-60 second internet ready video and is available immediately.

For more information or to schedule a flight please contact us at:


(720) 476-4101