Aerial Services

Request Information Drones are useful to a wide range of industries giving users unique insights into business operations. Unmanned aircraft are providing a more cost effective, safer, faster, and more accurate method of aerial imaging than traditional satellite imaging, fixed wing, or other manned aircraft photography/videography.


See Our Work!With the integration of drones into the national airspace, 1UP Aerial Drone services is designed to help clients leverage drones to safely, cost effectively, and efficiently redefine traditional marketing and data acquisition methods.


3D Model 190 acres Canyon Pines Development

Construction, Engineering, & Surveying

Drones are increasingly utilized to provide topographical maps, scan large job sites, and create contour maps of terrain and structures with great accuracy. Our drones enable construction professionals greater intelligence and site planning.


3D Model 287 Acres CMT Pit, Arvada, CO

“1UP Aerial Drone Services is a company of high integrity and professional aerial services.  The insight and information they provided me at Church Ranch was fast, cost effective, safe, and more accurate than my traditional methods of dated aerial data and surveying information of my property.  Their 3D modeling, photos, videos, data gathering, and analysis tools will assist me through improved construction progress reports, surveying efficiency, property marketing, and is far more cost effective than logistically impossible, traditional methods.”

Charles Church McKay, President, Church Ranch Companies

Insurance Services, Infrastructure Inspection, and Forensic Sciences


    Accident reconstruction using drones is an emerging science which allows clients to collect information very quickly from large accident scenes.

 “I don’t believe people realize the impact this technology will have on the insurance industry over the next 20 years.”

Brian St. Jacques, Complex Claim Director AIG Energy & Engineered Risks, AIG Insurance



1UP Insurance Services & Infrastructure Inspections we provide:

  • Pre-risk analysis and access to useful information in hazardous situations
  • Claims adjustor photos/videos as a tool following a catastrophe to assess loss exposure
  • Risk mitigation analysis and inspection services to underwriters
  • Animations and fly-throughs of accident sites for improved forensic evidence, engineering, and data gathering
  • Safely inspect and document for insurance claims with FLIR Infrared and HD aerial imagery
  • FLIR Infrared catalogs to map moisture penetration thermally in residential/commercial roof installations
  • Locate insulation thermal problems with FLIR infrared thermography cameras for insulation gaps
  • Perform audits on residential solar arrays with FLIR infrared technology

May 8th Hail Storm – 1Up Aerial Photos Supplied to EagleView OnSite




Sales, Marketing, & Business Development

Drones reach consumers for advertising and signage through new and innovative ways.  “Drone-Vertising”, videography, or as a hub of IoT.

New use cases are developing daily for internet video, concert venues, sporting events, and many other creative and out of the box ideas!

By 2019, 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Will Be Video (Cisco Systems)

Savvy marketers are using drones as a physical medium, as “actors” in video-mercials, or as surprising flying objects bringing a unique “wow” factor. Unmanned aircraft are the newest videographer’s tool to produce commercials and innovative video content offering customers unique new aerial perspectives. Drones can be a hub of emerging technologies and integrated with other technologies (such as virtual reality, cloud, and IoT). Drones are now opening the path to disruptive ways to gather data and market to target audiences.


Clayton Early Learning, MLK Blvd. Denver, CO

Land Development, Commercial Real Estate

UAV’s provide faster turnaround times and more detailed modeling of site topography, and commercial site development. Surveying combined with demographics are invaluable in today’s exploding markets.

Here’s what our customers say….

We are in the process of developing 192 acres with 90 subdivided lots that we contracted aerial photography from 1UP Aerial Drone Services.  They knocked it out of the park in terms of our project!  Their flexibility, customer service, photos, videos, 3D models, and post production (including animation) of  the development was above our expectations.  The 1UP team is exceptional!”

Terry Ten Eyck,  Canyon Pines, Carlson Land Development

Commercial Real Estate companies throughout the Front Range are seeing incredible results.  A few factors in their success:

Marketing: By 2019, 80% of global internet consumption will be video content

Due diligence:

  • Catalog and thermally map moisture penetration in commercial flat roof installations
  • Locate and map thermal faults caused by gaps in insulation
  • Detect HVAC leaks before filtering into the roofing insulation
  • Safely perform building  inspections within minutes


City planners, architects, engineers, and surveyors are 3X more productive when they have aerial photos, videos, GIS, and Land Development data to improve communications…. “I want the street here, and this is where the easement is located.”




Water Rights, Agriculture and Livestock

The fields of water rights management, precision agriculture, dam and reservoir inspection are benefiting land management and farmers by providing actionable data in dam, reservoir, water and ditch analysis, crop health, yields, and other cost-saving measures. An emerging area of use case examples are:






  • Dam Inspection, Headgate, Parshall Flumes, Sandgate Structure, Sediment Analysis, Topographic Measurements
  • Cutting edge technology for revolutionary, rapid and historical inspection for water rights management
  • Reservoir volume measurement
  • Dam toe and footer encroachment
  • Ranch fencing and inventory of livestock




Mining & Exploration

Drone use in mining is increasingly becoming an invaluable resource. Our platform allows customers the ability to monitor stockpiles and map exploration targets at a fraction of the cost and risk.


Volumetrics – Distance, Area, Cut, Fill Measurements







  • Volumetric calculations
  • Stockpile and inventory management
  • Area, cut, fill, volume, and distance
  • Layers, contour, and orthomosaic






Utilities, Solar, Oil & Gas, Heavy Industry

The communications and energy industries are perpetually gathering information for risk management from pipeline monitoring to encroaching trees and foliage on transmission lines.

Commercial drones are changing the way operators are auditing and inspecting wireless, and power line infrastructure by enabling a safer collection of high-resolution imagery and video of tower structures and equipment.



  • Recent studies find 1 in 3 cell tower climbs may be eliminated when aerial drone inspection becomes a routine, safe, efficient unmanned aircraft exercise
  • Locate potential hot spots within power transmission, distribution and substation systems
  • Map an entire solar array within minutes to identify electrical shunt defects
  • Perform maintenance on wind turbines with thermal to mitigate gearbox brake failure
  • Locate hot spots on boiler tubes with thermal inspection before critical failures
  • Detect thermal deficiencies in HVAC systems with thermal inspection