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Enterprises and Data Center Drone Protection

Data is the new gold and it must be protected from drone attacks

Cybersecurity is an ongoing fight for data centers and enterprise companies. Protection against everything seems impossible but you can do your best to eliminate immediate threats. Drones are small and quiet. They have the capability to carry items that could detonate or cause damage to data centers. Additionally, devices that can sniff networks, intercept data, disrupt communications, and even hack systems can be passengers on drones. 

As you consider ways to protect yourself from drones. Read this great article from The Geek Pub that goes over additional measures you need to take as a result of a Facebook data center drone flyover. 

1UP Drone Defense Solutions:

  • Integration of drone detection with current security systcyberems
  • Best practices and drone defense onboard training
  • Prevent hacker attacks or corporate espionage
  • Protection against all drone threats

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