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Mount Your Defense Of Your Airspace

Airspace Drone Defenders are your solution to defending your events, territory, people and business.

Why Protect From Drones?

As drone technology continues to advance, the possibilities are endless for new use cases and provide businesses of all sizes a new perspective. According to Goldman Sachs, the drone technology industry will be a $100 billion opportunity by 2020. As with any technology, businesses and consumers will find ways to use drones to solve problems, but also find ways to use them for nefarious, malicious, and unintended purposes.

Drone Defense in the News

Recent reports on potential illegal drone activity.

A Drone Defense Solution against unauthorized drones

  • Wide-area detection and early warning
  • Integrated alarms and notifications
  • Automated summary reporting
  • Continually updated drone database
  • Automated pushed to 3rd party APIs
  • Scalable and customizable for any site
  • Captures and stores forensic evidences

Aerial Drone Defenders

Drone defense is becoming a must for protection in today’s society. With Drone Defenders you can quickly and successfully protect your events and properties.

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