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Insurance and Forensic Science

Drones and forensic photography are bringing about changes in the claims handling process: Insurers are among the early commercial adopters of drone usage. AIG and State Farm have received permission from the FAA to test the use of drones in the claims process. Drones allow insurers to more quickly evaluate the magnitude of losses once they occur, but also provide a more cost-effective way to evaluate the condition of roofs on insured homes or buildings. In catastrophic events, insurers are able to more quickly evaluate loss exposure, and also to bring needed resources to bear quickly and with better knowledge of what is required.

Additionally, accident reconstruction using drones is an emerging science which allows clients to collect information very quickly from a new aerial perspective that nimble drone technology and drone services can provide.

  • I don't believe people realize the impact this technology will have on the insurance industry over the next 20 years.
    - Brian St. Jacques, Complex Claim Director AIG Energy & Engineered Risks, AIG Insurance

  • What's amazing is, if you consider the pure drive time of an adjuster taking the picture [on the rooftop] and getting back in the truck and going to the next location, we're doing two or three locations a day, and with a drone we're doing eight or nine or possibly more.
    - Allstate spokesman Justin Herndon

  • Roof inspections without human risk, ladders, or time consuming, costly scaffolding
  • Pre-risk analysis and access to information in hazardous situations
  • Claims adjuster photos/videos as a tool following a catastrophe to assess loss exposure
  • Risk mitigation analysis and inspection services to underwriters
  • Animations and fly-throughs of accident sites for improved forensic evidence, engineering, and data gathering
  • Insurance due diligence:
    • Safely inspect and document insurance claims with FLIR Infrared and HD aerial imagery
    • FLIR Infrared catalogs to map moisture penetration thermally in residential/commercial roof installations
    • Locate insulation thermal problems with FLIR infrared thermography cameras for insulation gaps
    • Perform audits on residential solar arrays with FLIR infrared technology

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