Drone Protection for Correctional Facilities - 1UP Drones

Drone Protection for Correctional Facilities

Criminals can be creative. They always seem to find a way to get contraband into correctional facilities. It would be naive to think that they won’t use drones. Drones have already proven to be a threat to current security measures. Even with the high security in place, they have been successful. 1UP Drone Defense is here to help you make sure this potential security breach is under control. 

Detect and stop the threat!

1UP Drone Defense Correctional Facility Solutions:

  • Detect drones before they enter the correctional facility airspace.
  • Automate triggers to alert staff.
  • Capture and record forensic evidence.
  • Augment the capabilities of current surveillance systems. 
  • Integrate with current security infrastructure. 

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