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Local Government and First Responder Drone Defense

Local government and first responders now have a way to protect themselves from the drone threat

Cities have many moving parts. Because of this, they need to ensure security and efficiency of operations is at the forefront. Drones are used to help with surveying, disaster relief, and first responders. During these operations, rogue and unidentified drones can threaten or cause problems. In 2018 1UP CEO, Chuck Adams testified before the Colorado House Judiciary Committee about  hb18-1314.  This bill is concerning prohibiting the use of unmanned aircraft systems to obstruct public safety operations.  In many areas this bill would not be necessary if drone defense solutions were in place. The 1UP drone defense solutions will identify, and mitigate unauthorized drones and stop many unlawful operations. 

1UP Drone Defense Solutions:

  • Identification of authorized and unauthorized drones.
  • Protect the efforts of first responders.
  • Detect and mitigate contraband deliveries.
  • Prevention of drone incidents.