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T-Rex’s Located in Genesee Colorado

Multiplying and Mutating Rapidly

New discoveries this past year have extended past the fur, fluff, & feathers to include several dinosaur sightings…especially in the Genesee, CO area!  1UP Aerial Drone Services was recently hired by the DSA (Dinosaur Sanctuary of America) to locate this dinosaur activity.   After several inspections, aerial photos, and videos, two T-Rex’s were sighted at the corner of Currant Drive and Genesee Vista where they attempted to cross the road chasing a chicken…or perhaps it was a turkey.   How these alleged dinosaurs managed to escape their safe space at DSA nobody knows.

Apparently, these massive, atrocious beasts do not take lightly to drones.  When confronted with the “giant, irritating mosquito” overhead, they both charged toward the apparatus and at times attempted to pull it from the sky.  Good thing that the 1UP UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) pilots are FAA certified and aware of the FAA laws allowing them to fly up to 400 ft. & therefore unreachable to the deadly grasps of these fierce creatures!

Colorado residents, do not be concerned as further tracking will take place in hopes of more sightings and capture of these despicable creatures.  One has to begin to wonder if Dino diversity is prevalent in Colorado. Thus far, the only sightings reported to DSA have been T-Rex’s, but we have reason to believe they are multiplying and mutating at a rapid pace.  If these beasts reproduce unabated, how will the Colorado community handle the Dino off leash and Dino waste that is expected to be created by these mutants?

Rest assured, 1UP Aerial Drone Services will work closely with DSA to report further sightings through a fair & balanced news approach.  We will strive to keep all of Colorado informed on any further Dino developments.  DSA has informed us that once these creatures are captured, and with all the “Dino-hype”, one of them will most likely be elected for Congress!


Imagine that ~ REP. TILE!

Stay tuned Colorado…. Happy Easter (Oh & Happy April Fool’s Day!)

Keeping you safe,  The Team at 1UP Aerial Drone Services