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Drone Accessories for Drone Owners

Drone Accessories Every Drone Owner Should Have

Now you’ve got a great drone and you’re ready to take to the skies. But what about great gear for your drone? The right drone accessories can make or break your drone experience, especially for the professional operator. You want the right gear that will keep you flying when others are packing up and calling it a day.

Here’s 1UP Aerial Drone Services’ best recommendations for “must have” gear, for both the hobbyist and the professional operator. For us, superior gear isn’t about flash, it’s about utility. So here’s a list of gear to help you fly longer and safer, and enjoy your drone experience more than ever before.


If you take your drone everywhere, just in case the opportunity arises to get it in the air, you’ll want to protect it from transporting rash (bumps, scratches, etc.). To ensure your drone stays safe, choose a quality backpack that is specifically designed for your particular drone. For instance, here is one for the Phantom Series drones.

Drone accessory - backpack image

Remote Controller Lanyard

Want to give your hands a rest and focus on enjoying the flight? Hang the controller around your neck to ease the weight on your hands for more accurate controlling. Many controller lanyards even boast an ergonomic design that eases the pressure on your neck, like this model, which is compatible with four different drones.

Drone accessory - remote lanyard image

Lens Filters

If you’re serious about quality images and video, you definitely want to pack along a set of lens filters with your drone. A lens filter effectively reduces the amount of light coming into the sensor without affecting color, allows wider apertures and longer exposure time, and helps to avoid overexposed photos. Lens filters are model-specific gear, like this set for Phantom 4/Phantom 3 Drones.

Drone accessory - lens image


Intelligent Charging Stations

Charged batteries means the difference between a short flight and an enjoyable day. Keep all your batteries charged as you rotate them out of your drone with an intelligent charging station. Keep the juices flowing with up to four batteries charging at one time, such as with this Intelligent Flight Battery Charging Hub.

Drone accessory - charging station image


Sometimes take-off areas are not ideal, especially when they’re covered in sand, snow, or other damaging materials. Protect your drone with an easy-to-fold landing pad that can be easily stored in your backpack. Some models, like this one, even come with pegs for securing the pad to the ground in strong winds.

Drone accessory - Helipad photo

Car Charger Kit

A car charger is a convenient solution for keeping your drone charged on the go. You can conveniently charge the Intelligent Flight Battery or remote controller through a car’s cigarette lighter. Get one, throw it in your drone backpack, and you’ll always be ready for a safe and fast charge.

Drone accessory - car charger kit photo

GPS Tracker

Most drones equipped with GPS include accurate mapping to place the location on a map. This works great until the battery dies. If your drone fails to report location accurately or does not have any location tracking at all, consider a small GPS tracker for your drone. Track your drone or recover it after a crash with a bluetooth GPS tracker, like this model.

Drone accessory - GPS tracker photo

Remote Control Monitor Hood

Sunlight is often not your friend when trying to view your screen. A monitor hood for your remote shields your smartphone or tablet from sunlight, preventing glare. Most models are collapsible and easily fit into your backpack, and are compatible with most tablets and smartphones.

Drone accessory - remote control monitor hood photo


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