2019 Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention! - 1UP Drones

2019 Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention!

1UP Drones is headed to the 2019 Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention!

On January 30th, 1UP Aerial Drone Services is heading to the Colorado Water Congress (CWC) Annual Convention to share their expertise about how drone technology and water mix.

During the three day conference (Jan. 30 – Feb 1), the 1UP Drone workshop will be held in a “Member Technical Section” of speakers. 1UP will share how drones are being used to assist engineers, surveyors, and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in obtaining topographic data for use in canal rehabilitation.

More on the 1UP work session – Drone Technology and Water Do Mix!

1UP will share their experience working with premier Water Advisors of the West commonly known as The Applegate Group.  The Applegate Group contracted with 1UP Aerial Drone Services to collect LiDar data to develop LAS point clouds of bare earth surface data to estimate cut/fill volumes for a 15-mile long ditch lining and reshaping configuration project.

Those in attendance will learn the following:

  • Background on the Fruitland Irrigation Canal and challenges that the LiDAR drone-assisted The Applegate Group in overcoming.
  • What is LiDAR & how did the drone augment the “boots on the ground” survey?
  • Drones (and the software they use) are no longer tinker toys and can be very useful to water rights, operations, management, engineering, and surveying large land masses.
  • Return on investment and comparison of traditional data collection methods to the drone mapping. In years past, how would The Applegate Group have collected this data if the drone was not available?

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The 2019 Annual Convention will be held at The Westin Westminster on January 30 through February 1.  Event highlights will include keynote presentations, unique workshops, POND reception, fresh local food from CWC Members, and opportunities to earn CLE credits. You can learn more or register for the convention on the CWC Annual Convention website.