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Do I Need Protection from Drones?

Any new technological advancement is simply a tool; and tools can be used for good or bad. Think about how the Internet has virtually changed the face of industry, medical care, and even our personal lives for the better. And yet, we can also identify negative uses, such as identity theft and cyber bullying. In the same vein, drones can be used to benefit society or as a detriment to society.

As part of the rapid explosion in drone use over the last several years, many are uneducated about their use and other details. As a result of being largely uninformed, some wonder if they need some form of protection from drones. Growing news coverage of military drone strikes on enemy combatants and some nefarious private uses have made this more than just a passing concern.

How Drones Improve Society 

The economic benefits of commercial drone use are undeniable and astounding in scope. An article by Investopedia shares data from a recent study that estimates the economic impact of commercial drone use from 2015 to 2025. According to the report, “UAV integration within national air space will account for $82.1 billion in job creation and economic growth.” 

And in an example from the same article, “…commercial use of drones will predominantly affect agriculture and public safety more so than commerce. Due to the ability to cover large areas, drone use in agriculture is anticipated to effectively feed and hydrate plants while also limiting exposure to diseases.” 

In addition to the purely financial benefits of drone usage on the overall economy, commercial drones also provide industries a cost-effective way to manage inventory, transportation, and distribution of materials. 

Other notable ways commercial drones offer tangible benefits are through:

Problematic Uses of Drones 

Any technological advancement that is used for good can also be used for nefarious purposes, as the world has noted from too many examples. Undisciplined drone users have interfered with commercial airline safety, wounded athletes, delayed emergency responses, and have even carried drugs and weapons to prison inmates and over the national borders

It is these types of uncontrolled examples that keep the FAA squarely against the legalization of commercial drone deliveries. Consumer and business drone use raises legitimate privacy concerns, safety concerns, regulatory issues, and concerns about the skill level of drone hobbyists.  

How to Get Protection from Drones 

Because the potential for harm from illicit drone users exists, many individuals and entities have begun to seek protection from drones. Such protection is available from 1UP Aerial Drone Services. Aerial Drone Defenders is designed for: 

  • Federal government & military
  • Correctional facilities 
  • Local government
  • First responders
  • Law enforcement 
  • Data centers 
  • Energy & utility companies 
  • Airports
  • Stadiums and arenas 
  • Public events
  • VIPs
  • Private property 

All these have obvious risks to attack or damage from an unwelcome aerial platform. Energy and fossil fuel infrastructure can suffer damage, privacy can be violated, important persons can be injured, and the list of possibilities runs higher. 

Aerial Drone Defenders from 1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc., provides: 

  • Wide-area detection and early warning
  • Integrated alarms and notifications
  • Automated summary reporting
  • Continually updated drone database
  • Automated pushed to 3rd party APIs
  • Scalable and customizable for any site
  • Captures and stores forensic evidence

This service provides a customizable protection from drones for any sized business or location venue. Protect your valued people and property from privacy invasion or attack with Aerial Drone Defenders. View a virtual demo, download a free buyers guide, or schedule an assessment of your location today by visiting the 1UP Drones website