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How can drones help in a pandemic or outbreak like Coronavirus?

As citizens of the US and World, we are committed to helping in any way and any place to bring our unique flying robots to help fight this pandemic.

It is important to us that your business invests in technology that is tailored to your specific industry and business need so we wrote a blog that details what you need to know if you’re building a corporate drone team or becoming a drone service provider to help in the Coronavirus outbreak.

One example is the enterprise class UAV from Digital Aerolus that can fly indoors without sensors that typically wreak havoc with many other drones.  This platform can inspect and check on people/locations inside ships and buildings or carry payloads, including medicines, disinfectants, and UV lights.

China and the USA have long been known for their interest and major advances in the tech industry. Tech companies across the world have begun to dedicate their resources to help those affected by the coronavirus. 

The coronavirus outbreak is turning into a pandemic. At the time this was written, the virus now has infected at least 79,000 people across the world and has killed more than 2,600. Although the majority of these people are living in mainland China, the disease has started to infiltrate Europe, the United States, and further. 

Luckily, living in the year 2020, there are many tech resources that can aid in the coronavirus outbreak. For instance, drones have become very helpful for a significant number of reasons. As this illness spreads across the world, drones will be a necessary tool, among many other great technologies. 

Transporting of Goods and Materials

Perhaps the most clear positive use for drones during the coronavirus crisis, is their ability to transport goods. Thus far, drone companies have transported medical samples and quarantine materials. They are shipped between Xinchang County People’s Hospital, Xinchang County disease control center and Dashiju branch of Xinchang County People’s Hospital. Not only have drones sped up the shipment process, but they have also decreased human to human contact which spreads the coronavirus. These devices are unmanned, which allows health safety professionals to stay unharmed and uninfected. 

Travel restrictions have affected typical delivery services for obvious reasons. For instance, normal railroad or water routes are not as efficient. According to Anwork, drones deliver 50% faster than roads and are sufficient in cutting the risk of further spreading the disease. 

Disinfecting Public Spaces with Drones

Next, drones are now helping to disinfect public areas for preventative measures. To explain, agricultural spraying drones are now being utilized to spray disinfectant in the affected zones. These drones have the capability to cover much more ground than a human doing the same task. Not to mention, workers are not responsible to complete this method which in turn helps decrease further spreading of the coronavirus.


Drones have also been used for surveillance of large groups of people. Soaring over crowds, these devices can pinpoint if anyone is in need of medical attention. Of course, this is another method that is allowing medical employees to scan at a distance. Some drones are even equipped with infrared thermometers to detect body temperatures. A high temperature can mean that the person has the coronavirus, yet this method is far from foolproof. 


Drones have been doing several amazing jobs to help contain the coronavirus. Since there are so many flying around infected areas, the devices have also been utilized to educate the public. The drones are mounted with speakers and / or banners that relay important public safety information to citizens. Or perhaps coax individuals to get back to their homes.

Clearly, drones have been utilized to the best of their ability throughout this crisis. As the virus spreads across the world, these machines and technology will be vital. The coronavirus is spread by person to person contact and drones or other robots can be used in replacement. This is a scary time, but it brings hope seeing how technology can aid in solving this problem.