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Get to Know the Autel Evo Max 4T

A recognized leader in drone intelligence, Autel has done it again with the EVO Max 4T. Users can enjoy advanced autonomy and some of the most powerful drone technology available. Learn more about how its advanced sensors, obstacle avoidance, and weather-resistant design make it the perfect tool for fire & rescue, law enforcement, and numerous industries.

Built on a Foundation of Excellence

Since 2014, Autel has produced several high-quality, feature-rich camera drones for hobbyists and professionals at affordable prices. Among their most notable drones are:

  • X-Star Premium (released in 2016) — 4K camera with a 3-axis gimbal.
  • EVO Drone (released in 2018) — 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal, 30-minute flight time, 4.3 mile range, obstacle avoidance, foldable design (designed to compete with the DJI Mavic Pro).
  • EVO II (released in 2020) — 6K camera with a 3-axis gimbal, 40-minute flight time, 9 kilometer range, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors, AI-powered tracking, and HDR video recording.

Today, Autel Robotics is a leading player in the drone industry, offering a range of high-quality drones for hobbyists, professionals, and commercial applications. The company’s focus on innovation, quality, and affordability has helped establish a loyal customer base and enabled them to compete with larger, more established drone manufacturers. Autel continues to make amazing strides as an emerging market leader for the drone industry.

The Autel EVO Max 4T

Reach new frontiers with the Autel EVO Max 4T drone. Experience the most advanced technology and autonomy in any drone available, while using this drone even where GPS tracking is spotty or non-existent.

  • 15 second takeoff
  • IP43 weather rating
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • 12.4 mile transmission range
  • 42 minutes maximum flight time
  • 720-degree obstacle avoidance (no blind spots)
  • 50MP wide camera
  • 48MP zoom camera
  • 8k 10X optical zoom
  • 160X maximum hybrid zoom
  • 640×512 thermal resolution
  • Laser rangefinder reaches up to 0.75 miles
  • 49 mph top speed

Find Your Way

Autel’s Autonomy Engine collects surrounding environmental data and plans 3D flight paths through complex environments such as mountains, forests, and buildings. Use cases include rapid 3D scene reconstruction, public safety overwatch, industrial inspection, and land surveying.

Get Connected

Enjoy the drone industry’s first Mesh Networking Technology. EVO Max 4T features the new A-Mesh system, enabling drone-to-drone autonomous communication, connection, and, collaboration.

SkyLink 3.0

The EVO Max 4T SkyLink 3.0 system comes with 6 antennas, 4 frequency bands, AES-256 encryption, and optional 4G integration to provide users with the most advanced flight capabilities ever in an EVO.

Object ID & Tracking

Based on Autel’s AI recognition technology, the EVO Max 4T can automatically identify and lock on to different types of targets, such as heat sources, moving people, or vehicles, and achieve high-altitude tracking and data collection.

Ani-Jam / Anti-Interference

The EVO Max 4T uses advanced flight control modules and algorithms specially designed to counter RFI, EMI, and GPS spoofing. This enables the EVO Max 4T to fly confidently near power lines, critical structures, and in complex areas.

Prime Applications for the Autel Evo Max 4T

The Sky is NOT the limit when you use the Autel Evo Max 4T for commercial applications. Just take a look at some possible uses:


The Autel Evo Max 4T is the perfect solution for utilities and infrastructure. It’s unique and powerful capabilities enable easy and complete inspections and data gathering:

  • Electrical towers
  • Pipelines
  • Wind turbines
  • Real estate properties
  • Large buildings
  • Warehouses & inventory
  • Surveying
  • Grip mapping
  • Damage assessments
  • Insurance evaluations
  • More…

Fire & Rescue

Easily unpack and quickly launch the Autel Evo Max 4T to deploy in all kinds of emergency situations, regardless of the weather or terrain. Users can even deliver low weight objects, such as ropes, life preservers, or first-aid kits.

  • Thermal imaging
  • Object identification and tracking
  • Emergency delivery
  • Inspect hotspots safely
  • Identify areas for manned support
  • Identify fire lines and firebreaks
  • Plot and plan emergency responses

Public Safety

Law enforcement and other public safety organizations can simplify tasks with the Evo Max 4T’s Accurate Object Identification that can automatically lock on to different targets, including heat sources, moving people, or vehicles, even in high altitudes. Plus, use the Multi-channel Projection Screen with AR Scene for simultaneous output of RGB, infrared, night vision, and wide angle + ADS-B overlay on a real-time map.

  • Pre-planning
  • Situational response
  • Subject monitoring & tracking
  • Reconnaissance
  • Scene reconstruction

Available for Pre-Order NOW!

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