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Why are Autel drones so popular?

There are many drone products on the market. Autel has a great lineup of drones for both consumers and professionals. It focuses on research and development specific to what professional drone pilots seek in their service offerings. What are these features, and why?

Brief History and Summary of Autel Drones

Autel Robotics is a relatively new player in the drone market, having been founded in 2014. However, the company has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality drones with advanced features at an affordable price point.

Autel Drone’s first product was the X-Star drone, released in 2015. This drone quickly gained popularity among hobbyist pilots and professionals due to its excellent camera and flight performance.

Since then, Autel Drone has released several other drones, including the X-Star Premium, Evo, multiple versions of the Evo II, and recently announced Max 4T, and Dragonfish series. The company has also expanded into other areas of the drone market, such as drone accessories and software, such as their very popular LiveDeck for live streaming to central offices, or incident command centers. Overall, Autel has quickly established itself as a significant player in the drone industry, and its future looks bright.

Why Are Autel Commercial Drones Becoming Popular for Professionals?

More than ever before, Autel has strategically placed itself as a leader in professional drone products and technology. Here’s how:

Research and Development

Autel is building drones to cater to the needs of professionals. The EVO Max 4T won the Red Dot Design Award for 2023. This prestigious award is a leading indicator of the most innovative technologies in the world. The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognized symbol of superior quality; winners are determined by a jury of 50 design experts from around the globe.

Autel Drone Image

In addition, the Dragonfish drone series for commercial use is widely becoming the standard because of its overall capabilities and performance. It has everything from AI, autonomous capabilities, advanced sensors, and more. The series consists of three drone models:

  1. Autel Dragonfish Lite
  2. Autel Dragonfish Standard
  3. Autel Dragonfish Pro

Visually captivating as it looks like a small, fixed-wing airplane, this robust platform series includes signature features for the serious professional drone operator. These include:

  • Vertical Takeoff & Landing (VTOL) capabilities
  • Several autonomous capabilities
  • Advanced 4K sensors with an enhanced wide-angle camera, laser range finder, zoom, and thermal capabilities (640 x 512)
  • 67 mph top speed
  • 120-minute flight life
  • Interchangeable gimbals for swappable payloads
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight with a simple setup
  • 18.6-mile image transmission range
  • GNSS base station and RTK capabilities

Camera Technology

Of course, what use is a drone without advanced camera technology to carry out your missions? Autel leads the way in camera innovations with some models featuring an interchangeable lens camera (such as the EVO II Pro) to meet several different observation, video, or photographic needs with the same platform.

They also equip specific drone models with an integrated thermal imaging camera (such as the EVO II Dual 640T) that captures both visible and thermal images. Thermal technology is used widely in numerous industries, such as search & rescue, HVAC and environmental control, electrical repair, and agriculture.


Autel drones are made in China, as are most consumer drones. Many of the components of Autel are made in Taiwan, but they’re assembled and shipped from mainland China.  Autel is reportedly working towards becoming a Made in the USA-only brand.

Another significant benefit to Autel drones is FAA airspace restrictions for some areas. The FAA restricts drone flights in specific locations because of safety concerns and possible issues with manned aircraft and people (see related Remote ID blog) . Although drone operators can apply for waivers to work in these areas, DJI often integrates restrictions within their drones that automatically disables the drone in certain areas. This is known as geofencing. Autel drones do not include this technology as they assume an operator will pilot the drone with safety as a top priority.

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