The cutting-edge ANZU Robotics Raptor, now available at 1UP Drones! - 1UP Drones

The cutting-edge ANZU Robotics Raptor, now available at 1UP Drones!

Elevate Your Operations with the ANZU Robotics Raptor—Beyond Limits, Beyond Expectations!
We are thrilled to introduce the cutting-edge ANZU Robotics Raptor, now available at 1UP Drones!  

Why ANZU Robotics Raptor?

This state-of-the-art drone redefines the boundaries. A licensed clone of the robust and reliable architecture and framework of the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise, the Raptor offers full DJI quality and capability, but with key modifications where DJI drones face various restrictions.

US-Based Security: All data is securely hosted on US-based servers, with top-tier software by Aloft Technologies ensuring your operations are safe and compliant.

No Geofencing: Experience the speed, freedom and a greatly streamlined workflow to get drone work done. The ANZU Raptor allows pilots to operate without geofencing, making it especially ideal for first responders, or operations in sensitive or remote locations.

Versatile Performance Features: Just like the DJI drones they are cloned from, the Raptor is equipped with RTK, a mechanical shutter, a 56x hybrid zoom, and high-resolution thermal imaging sensors, enabling it to perform a variety of enterprise quality tasks efficiently and effectively.

Empower Your Fleet with ANZU Robotics Raptor

The ANZU Robotics Raptor changes boundaries, offering the freedom and tools necessary for sophisticated and mission critical drone tasks. This drone is a game-changer for professionals in construction, utilities, energy, emergency response, agriculture, and more. 

Act Now!

Let’s take this opportunity to transform your operational capabilities. and discover how the ANZU Robotics Raptor can elevate your projects to new heights.  ANZU Robotics Raptor Thermal available too!

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Stay Lifted!
-Richard Armstrong
Software Engineer
1UP Drones