Altavian Ion M440 American Made Tactical Quadcopter


FLIR ION M440 Bundle (Includes: Airframe, 2x batteries, battery charger, hard case, clam shell case, field repair kit, ground control station, 2x ground control station batteries, ground control station hard case, and end-user mobile device)


GPS Denied Drone Operations  

GPS denied drone technology allows for day and night time navigational enhanced performance during GPS denied/degraded environments. In GPS denied/degraded environments, operators can hold position and navigate via dead reckoning rather than errant flying and vehicle loss.

Tactical Flight Controls

The Ion M440 tactical quadcopter enables pilots to quickly engage and provide a cursor on target in complex environments. The system also features day and night obstacle avoidance for obstacle rich scenarios to aid the pilot in quickly assessing a tactical situation.


The ION M440 allows operators to specifically relay target intelligence given from the aircraft’s Cursor Field of View (CFOV). The aircraft’s CFOV gives coordinates data for enhanced target processing, exploitation, and dissemination.


Embedded collision avoidance sensors and advanced software algorithms allow safer flight by autonomous collision avoidance even at night. This provides a failsafe to prevent operators from striking the ION M440 into obstacles and structures in obstructive flying environments.




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