DJI Care Refresh 2-Year Plan (DJI Action 2)


For a small additional charge, DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) provides three replacement units within two years, covering crashes, water damage, natural wear, and other accidental damage. Other exclusive services include a two-year warranty, International Warranty Service, Rewards for Safe Use, free two-way shipping, exclusive technical service, and more.  Click here to read our FAQ.

1. DJI Care Refresh can be bound to a previously purchased DJI Product when it meets the following criteria:
· Brand new and un-activated product;
· Handheld device activated within the last 30 days.

2. To ensure that you can enjoy the service normally, DJI Care Refresh and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region.

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DJI Care Refresh (2-year plan) offers 3 replacements in two years. You can have your product replaced at a small additional cost if an accident occurs. For DIl Action 2, the first DJI Care Refresh replacement fee is $19, the second replacement is $32, and the third replacement is $39.

Accidental damage is covered by the replacement service, including collisions, water damage, etc. The replacement units are brand-new products or equivalent to brand-new products in performance and reliability.

By purchasing DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan), the warranty period is extended by 12 months, covering the warranty service period without interruption.

* The product’s extended warranty period is based on the purchase date of DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) and the warranty of the product or components.

Rewards for Safe Use
Throughout the service period, if you haven’t used any replacements services, DJI will provide you with a 1-year warranty extension as reward.

With an exclusive International Warranty Service provided by DJI Care Refresh, you can have access to replacement or repair service at any DJI authorized repair center across the globe after confirming the product eligibility.

* The International Warranty Service is only available for DJI products purchased from official DJI stores or DJI authorized resellers. Proof of purchase is required to use the International Warranty Service. Diagnosis standards and replacement fees are subject to the policies of local repair centers. For information on DJI repair centers, please visit the Support page on DJI’s website.

Express is an option that allows you to skip the damage assessment and quotation process. A DJI service center will ship you a replacement as soon as they receive your product.

DJI will cover shipping costs both ways anytime a product is sent back for replacement service.

Exclusive Service
DJI Care has exclusive technical service channels to provide support, including online chat and call support. Your requests will be transferred to DJI Care service channels to provide you with express replacement.

* For DJI Care Refresh service, please go to the Support page on DJI’s official website.


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