DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo Plus (DJI RC 2)


  • Under 249 g[1]
  • 4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • Extended Battery Life
  • 20km FHD Video Transmission
  • ActiveTrack 360°


  • DJI Mini 4 Pro 1
  • DJI RC 2 1
  • DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Pro Propellers (Pair) (Screws Included) 3
  • Screwdriver 1
  • DJI Mini 4 Pro Gimbal Protector 1
  • DJI Mini 4 Pro Propeller Holder 1
  • Documents (Quick Start Guide and Safety Guidelines) 1
  • Type-C to Type-C PD Cable 1
  • USB-C Cable 1
  • DJI Mini Shoulder Bag 1
  • DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Series Two-Way Charging Hub 1
  • DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Series Intelligent Flight Battery Plus 3



Compared with DJI Mini 3 Pro, what has been upgraded on the DJI Mini 4 Pro?

DJI Mini 4 Pro features comprehensive upgrades in its vision sensing system, imaging system, video transmission system, and intelligent features. Details are as follows: While maintaining a 249g lightweight design, DJI Mini 4 Pro boasts an omnidirectional vision sensing system to achieve omnidirectional obstacle sensing. It uses a new image-processing platform and supports recording 4K/60fps HDR videos, with optional 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color modes, elevating the multiple shooting specifications. It is equipped with the DJI O4 FHD digital video transmission system, which provides a max transmission distance of up to 20 km*. It comes with the newly upgraded ActiveTrack 360°, Waypoint Flight, Advanced RTH, Cruise Control, and other intelligent features.

Data tested under FCC standard in an unobstructed environment without interference. Used for reference purposes only and provides no guarantee for actual transmission distance.

How do I turn on DJI Mini 4 Pro after unboxing?

DJI Mini 4 Pro batteries are set to hibernation mode before shipping to ensure safe transportation. Before use, insert the battery into the aircraft or charging hub, and connect the charger to charge and activate the battery. After activating the battery, press the power button once, and then press again and hold for two seconds to turn on the aircraft.

How do I activate DJI Mini 4 Pro?

With DJI RC-N2: Connect your mobile device (connected to the internet) with the remote controller, and then connect to DJI Mini 4 Pro via the DJI Fly app. Follow the instructions in the app to activate DJI Mini 4 Pro.
With DJI RC 2: When using DJI RC 2 for the first time, connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or a smartphone hotspot, and then follow the instructions in the DJI Fly app to activate the device. After activating DJI RC 2, connect it with DJI Mini 4 Pro via the DJI Fly app, and then follow the instructions in the app to activate the aircraft.

What is the wind speed resistance of DJI Mini 4 Pro?

The max wind speed resistance of DJI Mini 4 Pro is 10.7 m/s.

Wind resistance is dependent upon propulsion. In strong winds, slight vibration is expected due to the drone’s lightweight nature.

High-powered propulsion ensures the drone hovers stably or returns to home safely. DJI Mini 4 Pro automatically controls the gimbal

to adjust slightly to ensure the footage is always stable and not affected by the wind.

Is DJI Mini 4 Pro waterproof?

No. Avoid contact with water during use, as it may damage the device. If it rains during the flight, return and land as soon as possible, and wait until the aircraft is fully dry inside and out before using it again.

What app do I need to install before using DJI Mini 4 Pro?

DJI Mini 4 Pro can only be used with the DJI Fly app. You can download the latest version of DJI Fly from the DJI Mini 4 Pro Downloads page on the official DJI website.
* If you use DJI RC 2 as the remote controller, it comes with the pre-installed DJI Fly app.

Compared with DJI Mini 3 Pro, what are the upgrades in the camera module of DJI Mini 4 Pro?

Compared with the camera module of DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mini 4 Pro has the following major upgrades:
1. A new image-processing platform is used to improve the overall imaging performance.
2. The HDR video specification has been upgraded from 4K/30fps to 4K/60fps.
3. The Slow Motion specification has been upgraded from 1080p to 4K.
4. The new 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color modes record colors and details with a high dynamic range.
5. The new Night video mode (Night Shots) delivers enhanced low-light performance.
6. The simulated long exposure (shutter speed of up to 8 s) enables more creative possibilities.
7. A next-gen SmartPhoto algorithm is adopted to effectively improve photo quality.
8. The resolution of panorama photos is higher.

Does DJI Mini 4 Pro support manual mode for shooting photos and videos?

Yes. You can manually set camera parameters like shutter speed, ISO, and white balance in the DJI Fly app.

How do I enable HDR mode on DJI Mini 4 Pro?

When recording video at 60fps or lower, DJI Mini 4 Pro enables HDR mode by default.

How does the dual native ISO fusion technology of DJI Mini 4 Pro work?

Photo mode and video mode (60fps and lower): The sensor will algorithmically integrate the images gained by the two sets of analog amplifier circuits for a better dynamic range of actual imaging.

How often do I need to replace the DJI Mini 4 Pro propellers? How can I replace the propellers?

Before each flight, it is necessary to check the propellers for cracks, wear, warp, corrosion, and loose screws. If any of these conditions are present, the propellers should be replaced. Follow the instructions in the user manual to replace the propellers. Use the included screwdriver to replace the propellers. Please follow the instructions provided. Remove the two blades and screws from the motor, and replace with the new propellers and screws. Attach the marked propellers to the marked motors, and the unmarked propellers to the unmarked motors. Ensure that the propellers and motors are installed securely before each flight.

Can I use other USB-C chargers to charge DJI Mini 4 Pro?

Yes. To ensure charging speed, it is recommended to use the DJI 30W USB-C Charger or other USB Power Delivery chargers.

What are the functions of the Two-Way Charging Hub?

The Two-Way Charging Hub supports USB PD fast-charging protocols, and can charge up to three batteries in sequence. You can also use it for battery storage or as a power bank (storing at least one battery with ample power) to charge your mobile device or remote controller via the USB-A port.

What remote controllers are compatible with DJI Mini 4 Pro?

DJI Mini 4 Pro currently supports two remote controllers: DJI RC-N2 and DJI RC 2.

Compared with DJI RC-N1, what are the upgrades of DJI RC-N2?

The video transmission solution has been upgraded, and the antenna system has been upgraded from 1T2R to 2T2R. With DJI Mini 4 Pro, the O4 video transmission can be used.

How do I share footage from DJI RC 2 to a smartphone?

DJI RC 2 focuses on your flight and control experience. For footage management and video sharing, it is recommended to install the DJI Fly app on your smartphone and connect it directly with the aircraft through Wi-Fi. Then, you can use the QuickTransfer feature to download footage directly from the aircraft to your smartphone.

Compared with DJI RC, what are the upgrades of DJI RC 2?

The performance of the processor has been improved for smoother operation. The video transmission system has been upgraded, and the antenna system has been upgraded from 1T2R to 2T4R. With DJI Mini 4 Pro, the O4 video transmission can be used. DJI RC 2 features two built-in antennas and two external antennas, and also supports manual angle adjustments for the two external antennas to achieve better video transmission effects.

Does DJI RC 2 support quick charging?

Yes. The USB-C port supports up to 9V/3A power input (with a 9V/3A charger). It takes 1.5 hours at the fastest speed to fully charge the battery.

How do I adjust the antennas of DJI RC 2?

The optimal transmission range occurs when the antennas are facing the aircraft, with the angle between the antennas and the back of the remote controller at 180° or 270°.

How do I customize button functions of DJI RC 2?

You can customize the C1/C2 button of DJI RC 2 in the DJI Fly app for more convenient control.

Does DJI RC 2 support installing third-party apps?


Does the max transmission distance of the O4 video transmission system vary according to the interference level of the environment?

In different environments, the wireless interference level is different, and the max transmission distance will vary. Unobstructed: Strong Interference: urban landscape, approx. 1.5-4 km Medium Interference: suburban landscape, approx. 4-10 km Low Interference: suburb/seaside, approx. 10-20 km Obstructed: Low Interference and Obstructed by Buildings: approx. 0-0.5 km Low Interference and Obstructed by Trees: approx. 0.5-3 km

Compared with the O3 video transmission system, what are the upgrades of the O4 video transmission system?

The O4 video transmission system adopts an all-new hardware solution, and a new frequency band* has been added. The communication algorithm has also been upgraded, which not only delivers an FHD video transmission from a max range of 20 km**, but also features enhanced anti-interference capabilities, further improving the transmission stability in complex environments like urban settings. The remote controller also supports a 1080p/60fps max real-time live feed, with the higher frame rate delivering a smoother viewing experience.

* Can be used only in countries and regions where it is allowed by local laws and regulations.

** Measured in an outdoor, open environment, without interference, and with FCC compliance. The above data shows the

farthest communication range for one-way, non-return flights. Always pay attention to reminders in the app during your flight.

How do I update the firmware of DJI Mini 4 Pro?

Connect the aircraft with the remote controller. The DJI Fly app will send you a prompt for firmware updates (if new firmware is available). Follow the instructions to update the firmware of the aircraft, remote controller, battery, and other modules.

What factors can lead to an update failure?

1. The battery level of the aircraft or remote controller is below 20%.
2. The aircraft or remote controller is powered off during an update. If this happens, restart the aircraft and remote controller, and try again.
3. The network is disconnected during a firmware download.
4. Your smartphone interface is switched to other apps during a firmware download.

The aircraft will restart multiple times during an update and automatically power off after completing the update.

What DJI Mini 3 Pro accessories can be used with DJI Mini 4 Pro?

DJI Mini 4 Pro is compatible with the DJI 30W USB-C Charger, DJI 18W USB Charger, DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery Plus*, DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery**, and DJI Mini 3 Pro Two-Way Charging Hub. For details, please check the product compatibility list of the corresponding accessories at the official online DJI Store.

* The Intelligent Flight Battery Plus is not sold in Europe.

** When using the DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, DJI Mini 4 Pro’s propulsion performance and flight time will be

reduced, and the total weight will exceed 249 g. Always check local laws and regulations before use.



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