DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal


The Osmo Mobile 2 is a handheld smartphone gimbal made forthe storyteller in all of us. Whatever your passion, whereveryour destination, and whenever you feel inspired, capturemoments with cinematic movement and incredible ease. Usinga lightweight design, intelligent functions, and a long-lastingbattery, the Osmo Mobile 2 lets you share your story.

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DJI is expanding its selection of powerful gimbals with the release of the new Osmo Mobile 3. This cost-effective successor to the Osmo Mobile 2 gives users portability with a quick folding arm, and creativity with different shooting modes, including Story Mode and Sport Mode, plus much more.

Key features:

  • One-step foldable frame
  • Quickly balanced
  • Re-introduced trigger
  • Follow, Tilt Lock, FPV, Lock gimbal modes
  • Story mode with templates
  • Sport mode for quick tracking and movements
  • “Gesture Control” initiation
  • ActiveTrack 3.0
  • Quick Menu and Quick Rotation
  • Accessible headphone jack and charging port
  • 405 gram weight

Updated build and design:

One of the more notable features of DJI’s new gimbal is the easily foldable frame. In one step, users can tuck the Osmo Mobile 3 away — with or without their smartphone still attached. This leaves the shooter with more time creating, and less time arranging. As a bonus, the new DJI has reintroduced the trigger from the original Osmo Mobile. Missing from the Osmo Mobile 2, the trigger allows users to instantly switch gimbal modes and shooting modes. Along with a trigger, the Osmo Mobile 3 has a quick menu button so users can control all gimbal functions with one hand, and a quick rotation button for immediately switching between portrait and landscape orientations.

The new DJI was constructed so the headphone jack and charging port of the smartphone isn’t obstructed when attached to the gimbal, and allows for clear rotation when plugged in.

Plus, the Osmo Mobile 3 weighs only 405 grams.

Gimbal modes and shooting modes:

The Osmo Mobile 3 has four gimbal modes based on the axes: Follow, Tilt Lock, FPV, and Lock modes. Follow mode trails hand movements on the pan and tilt axes, Tilt Lock mode traces hand movements only on the pan axis, FPV mode follows hand movements on all three, and in Lock mode, none of the axes follow hand movements. Among these modes, users can smoothly and professionally capture the desired shot.

Another cool feature of the new DJI is Story Mode, which comes with an assortment of templates with preset motions, patterns, and filters to give a professional touch to quickly-shot videos. Sport mode is also useful when capturing speedy movements, and even with abrupt tracking in Sport mode, the gimbal provides stabilization.

The Osmo Mobile 3 has an improved Hyperlapse mode that is compatible with OIS/EIS of smartphones and shooters can continue tracking subjects while in Hyperlapse mode. Thanks to DJI’s ActiveTrack 3.0 technology, the gimbal can accurately track and capture subjects in all these different modes.

And to keep the shooter completely autonomous, DJI added the “gesture control” feature which allows users to snap a photo or start a video recording with a simple hand gesture.


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