DJI Wind 4 Industrial Quadcopter Drone IP43 Rain and Dust Resistance 10kg Payload

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  • Wind 4 Platform
  • X3/XT/Z3/X5 Mount
  • Remote Controller
  • Accessory Kit
  • Case
  • 10kg Payload


*Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery*

Please note the Wind 4 does not include batteries – you must purchase the DZ-12000 Battery/Charger seperately

DJI Wind 4: Allows developers to customize them for complex tasks, such as those requiring unique sensor payloads or increased stability in challenging weather conditions. DJI Wind 4 can carry payloads up to nearly 30 pounds (10.0 kg) and is built on a rugged platform for superior control and redundancy.

Leveraging cutting edge technologies, it features both aesthetics and practial functions. It is compatible with a variety of industrial equipment, expanding the industrial applications of drones.

Flexible and professional expansion platform

The fast release expansion platform allows you to build your own flight platform. By assembling the camera, sensors, computer unit, communication device and other equipment you can easily complete any complicated task.

Worry-Free Integration

Industrial drones easily remind us of heavy equipment, tedious installation and maintenance with a complex configuration. Now, the DJI Wind 4 resolves these issues and makes it possible to start the operation within seconds.


DJI have designed the Wind 4 to be a versatile unit suitable for a range of industrial applications. Similar to the M600, it features an onboard and mobile SDK, enabling custom payload integrations. Extendable landing gear allows even the largest payloads to be attached to the underside of the unit without interference with the ground.

Key Features

• Water and dust resistance

• 10KG Payload

• Foldable arms, extension tripod, easy to carry

• SDK development and customization

• Meet the needs of supply delivery and stringing

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