LiDARit ONE Laser Camera


  • Max Range @ reflectivity: 70m (229,6ft) @10%
  • Recommended scan height: 70m (229,6ft)
  • Pulses per second: 420.000
  • IMU Heading RMSE (Degrees): 0.035
  • Point density per m2 @70m Height and 10m/s in a 110 strip wide (without overlap): 81
  • RMS Laser(cm): 3
  • Weight (gr): 2000
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Lidarit ONE is the perfect solution for people starting in the LiDAR business, offers good performance with a low budget.

LiDARit Manager software is included in all our systems, allows total control of the projects, from LiDAR scan to the processing and generation of deliverables, No long learning curve, no expensive training, no hire processing personnel and no expensive software.


Range:70m (229,6ft) @10%
Recommended Scan Heighta: 70m (229,6ft)
Recommended Distance between linesa:70m (229,6ft)
Point Cloud RMSE @50m: 50mm


Laser:8 Channels
Number of echoes: 3
Scanning method: Mechanical rotation
Laser class: Class 1
Pulses: 420k/s
Field of view: 360o*20o
Rotation rate: 20Hz
Resolution: 0.0686*2.5
Point density at 70m (flat terrain)b: 81p/m2


IMU: Alpha9
Constellation support: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO
Support Alignment: Static, Kinematic,dual antenna
Operation mode: Real-time and postprocessing
Accuracy Position: 1cm + 1ppm RMS horizontal
Heading RMSE: 0.035 degrees.
Position accuracy: ± 1cm.
Roll and pitch accuracy: 0,012°
Data rate: 200Hz


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