Micasense Altum w/ DJI Skyport kit


Quick Overview

  • Simultaneous capture of 5 discrete bands + thermal
  • High-resolution multispectral images
  • 2.5x higher resolution than RedEdge-M
  • Brand-new DLS 2 for unparalleled calibration accuracy
  • Radiometric spectral and thermal imagers
  • Available with or without DJI PSDK compatibility
  • Rugged design with no moving parts


A revolutionary 3-in-1 solution for unparalleled sensing in a compact package. Ready to integrate with DJI SkyPort compatible drones (Matrice 200 V1 and Matrice 210 V1).
  • Simultaneous capture of five discrete spectral bands and thermal images.
  • Enhanced image resolution on multispectral images enabling high resolution applications.
  • High capacity USB storage.
  • DLS 2 with embedded GPS for easier integration, enhanced light calibration.
The Altum SkyPort sensor kit comes with: Altum sensor, SkyPort adapter, lens cover, external storage device (USB 3.0) - 128 GB, calibrated reflectance panel, new DLS 2 light sensor with integrated GPS, cables, compass, hard carrying case, and M200 DLS2 mast kit . *The kit includes everything needed for integration with M200 V1, V2 and M210 V1, V2 drones *Integration with DJI M210 RTK drone has not been validated, therefore we cannot ensure compatibility.


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