Brad Wyatt, Strasburg Pharms "Where the Healing Begins" - 1UP Drones

Brad Wyatt, Strasburg Pharms “Where the Healing Begins”

Strasburg Pharms is Colorado’s premier hemp farm offering all organically grown, laboratory extracted and tested, industrial hemp based Cannabidiol (CBD).   

We asked 1UP to film the 2017 planting, growth, and harvest season.  They did an amazing job providing us with the full season time lapse video that tells a wonderful story about our 2017 season progress, our high quality CBD products, and beautiful views of our massive hemp farm in Strasburg, CO.

In addition to the video, 1UP went above and beyond by providing us 3D models, contours, elevations, and macro level information about our plant health that will be useful to our upcoming 2018 season and beyond.

1UP is a raving success! 

Thank you! Brad Wyatt, Owner/Partner, Strasburg Pharms