Drone Uses: The Many High-Value Uses of Aerial Photography, Videography, Modeling, & Mapping - 1UP Drones

Drone Uses: The Many High-Value Uses of Aerial Photography, Videography, Modeling, & Mapping

Drone Uses in 7 Top Industries

Many just see drones as being useful for photographers to capture great eagle eye shot angles, or as expensive toys for hobbyists. The fact is, they are missing the opportunities with drones that may exist within their own industries. Drone capabilities cover a wide spectrum. Let’s look at some common drone uses in seven top industries. 

Advertising, Digital Media, Sales, and Marketing

When it comes to advertising and marketing, 1UP Drones is at the forefront of digital media and marketing trends. There are numerous drone uses for internet video, concert venues, sporting events, and other innovative ideas. Capture heart-stopping aerial videos and combine the iconic aerial video perspective with your own branded marketing, logo, and digital media. 

Contact us and ask an associate about our new aerial social media service called 1UP Drone-Vertising Adverts. Work with us to develop videomercials, a popular new communication medium. This affordable service is ideal for small businesses with limited marketing funds, a gorgeous property to showcase, and a presence on social media. 

Agriculture, Commercial Farming, & Livestock Management

The agriculture market for drones may be the largest true commercial opportunity in the US, and the second-largest globally. The many drone uses on a farm include a greater ability to monitor crop health and identify potential problem areas of the field, and counting and monitoring livestock locations and conditions. 

Drone uses are becoming a large part of precision agriculture. Given the sheer volume of land requiring scouting and mapping, agriculture is one of the largest markets for commercial drone use. Many farmers are finding the greatest utility in mapping and crop scouting, allowing them to identify developing risks and opportunities for yield improvements. 

Clean Energy, Oil & Gas, Transmission Line, & Cell Towers

Drones are a safe and efficient alternative method for transmission line, cell tower, and energy infrastructure inspections. Drone uses for communications, energy, and clean energy industries include safely gathering high-resolution imagery and video for risk management from infrastructure monitoring, tower structures, pipeline inspections, to encroaching trees and foliage on transmission lines. 

Pipelines traverse terrain that is often impossible to cover on foot or even with vehicles. Drilling rigs are far offshore. Some valuable drone uses include a safe and comprehensive system for pipeline inspection and monitoring to detect rust or corrosion, leaks, or damage. If the pipeline is below ground, drone sensors can detect gases or visually detect changes in the surrounding vegetation that indicate a pipeline leak or breakage. 

Construction, Engineering, & Surveying

Land surveying firms, construction companies, architects, and engineers will find many cost-saving drone uses that benefit their companies and clients. Drones are used more and more to create topographical maps, scan large job sites, and produce accurate contour maps of terrain and structures

These features allow companies to document all phases of a project with video and photography, survey sites with ease, map sites for future projects, and more. And, contracting 1UP Drone Services to perform these tasks is more cost-effective than purchasing, training, and licensing your own company drone team. 

Insurance and Forensic Science

Drone uses can even be found in the insurance and forensic science industries, with innovative changes in the process of handling damage and accident claims. Drones allow insurance companies a cost effective, safe, fast, and accurate means of evaluating losses. Consider the ease of inspecting a damaged roof with a drone; no ladders, scaffolding, broken tiles, or old wood shake shingles.  Now elevate that thought to evaluating an entire neighborhood in the event of a natural disaster. 

Moreover, among new drone uses is the ability to reconstruct accidents from a new aerial perspective, allowing officials to collect information quickly and safely for evaluation without shutting down major roads, interstates, or thoroughfares. Faster and more accurate claims evaluations mean better service to insured clients. 

Land Development, Commercial Real Estate

Real estate professionals and land developers are discovering more drone uses when working with residential and commercial properties and land parcels. Overhead imagery is an incredible tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to streamline the research process necessary to buy a new home. Realtors can show homes as well as their location to relevant areas like schools, hospitals, parks, and more. 

Also, many commercial properties or large parcels of land awaiting development do not lend themselves well to traditional photography. Drones provide the means to gather information over restricted or difficult areas. Other drone uses in real estate include general property inspections, insurance inspections, appraisals, and even heat-loss imaging using thermal cameras. 


The mining industry is fully embracing drone technology and continues to discover new drone uses that increase on-site efficiencies for greater profitability. Drones can lend significant assistance during the surveying and mapping phases of mine site exploration and can improve productivity and profitability even after the exploration phase. 

Mining companies are using drones to map and calculate the quantities of stockpiled materials, map remote mines, and watch for signs of erosion. Drones and time-lapse photography can even be used to detect changes in mines to prevent serious accidents. Mining equipment in remote locations can be inspected for maintenance needs. All this and more, faster, safer, and more affordable than using boots on the ground.  

Drone Uses for Your Company 

Are you ready to investigate the possibilities that drones can provide your company? Or are you interested in drone training and creating your own in-house drone services department? 1UP Drones is your premier UAV services, products, and training source. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.