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Aerial Drone Automation In Action

1UP Drones 2019 Project Highlights

At 1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc., drones mean business, and 2019 proved that beyond any doubt. 1UP Drones is pleased to celebrate another successful year in drone sales, services, training, and development with our clients and stakeholders. Once again, we eclipsed our goals by doubling revenues, adding over 250 new customers, and are rapidly investing/expanding into new, valuable drone products and services. 

To demonstrate that we mean what we say, “drones mean business,” please allow us to review a few project highlights from 2019, where we show the value and versatility of aerial automation in action. Perhaps you will catch the vision of how drones can mean business for your company or industry needs. 

Project 1: Drones Mean Business in Dangerous Situations 

A project that is an order of magnitude over-the-top that can result in life or death does not come along often. In the 1950s, a 90 acre area of cliffs just outside of St. George, Utah, were used for target practice by the Army National Guard. 1UP Drones was contracted by Weston Solutions and the Utah Army National Guard to explore these cliffs, searching for undetonated 105 mm and 37 mm munitions. 

Using drones flying at varying altitudes, 1UP Drones was able to safely and accurately capture over 2000 images in two days to reveal the locations of unexploded munitions and shrapnel. As a result of the data collected by 1UP Drones, our partners realized the following benefits: 

  • 50% less time in data collection
  • 75% less cost in data collection
  • 20+ “areas of interest” were initially identified where munitions (or seeds) may be present. A 2nd set of very specific flights with high powered lenses and cameras were conducted in November over 12 potentially dangerous munitions to hone in on and get a very close look at what could be shrapnel. Some of these 12 areas were ~600 feet straight up!
  • Staff safety was radically improved – no rappelling or climbing extremely challenging cliffs and terrain was necessary 
  • A new technology and technique was proven for Weston Solutions and the Utah ANG to integrate into future projects

Tim Trego, Senior Project Manager, Weston Solutions, said, “The 1UP UAV data helped us immensely. The danger of rappelling, and the army of specialized resources we would have had to deploy, made the drones a simple choice.” 

Project 2: Drones Mean Business by Providing Remarkable New Technology 

New advancements in drone technology help 1UP Drones serve a wider range of clients with new products and services. Among the new innovations are Drone Protection services and the Digital Aerolus Aertos™ 120 and 130IR confined space drones in our store for sale. 

Aerial Drone Defenders 

Any new technological advancement is simply a tool; and tools can be used for good or bad, like radio, TV, and now the Internet. In the same vein, drones are being used to target people, aircraft, and installations for harm. New technology allows Aerial Drone Defenders to protect:

  • Government, military, and first responders 
  • Correctional facilities 
  • Enterprise data centers 
  • Energy and utilities infrastructure 
  • Airports
  • Stadiums and arenas 
  • VIPs and public events 
  • Private property 

Aerial Drone Defenders from 1UP Drones provides early warning radar detection over a wide area to detect incoming drones, alarms and notifications, and even the ability to capture forensic evidence to help apprehend the user. Other options can be included to defend against a wide range of drones and for specific applications. 

Aertos 120 & 130IR Confined Space Drone 

The Aertos™ 120 drone is specifically designed for inspection duties in confined spaces, and a proprietary FGC™ flight control system for stable, predictable flight in tight, enclosed GPS-denied environments. 

The Aertos™ 130IR, made from durable, lightweight carbon fiber material is the newest drone from Digital Aerolus. The Proprietary Folded Geometry Code (FGC) flight software produces stable flight in tight or enclosed GPS-denied spaces. It also features the FLIR Boson® longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera paired with a Sony 1.0-type sensor visual camera that is excellent in low-light conditions. This drone is ideal for use in particularly harsh environments. 

Project 3: Drones Mean Business by Protecting Clients and Property 

Drones allow insurance adjusters and representatives to evaluate losses to a property or area much faster and safer. No climbing ladders or walking on unstable surfaces, and no avoiding those areas and guessing the magnitude of damage. When catastrophic events occur, insurers are able to quickly evaluate the extent and magnitude of losses, and bring needed resources to the area to serve those affected. 

1UP Drones has successfully provided such services for local insurance companies in 2019, completing 36 projects that involved disputed insurance settlements without using a single ladder or scaffold, and with no damage to property or personnel. 

Project 4: Drones Mean Business for Helping First Responders 

When the Denver South Metro Fire & Rescue decided to enhance their capabilities by using drones, they came to 1UP Drones for help. We were able to provide professional certification and commercial use training, as well as tailored instruction to fit their needs as first responders. Altogether, South Metro Fire & Rescue has invested approximately $40,000 in training, certifications, equipment, and safety protocols. 

Project 5: Drones Mean Business by Innovating Engineering and Construction Industries 

The construction and various engineering industries continue to discover ways to utilize drones for 3D Mapping and other services to speed the work on projects, increase the accuracy of measurements, and keep workers safe. 

Throughout 2019, 1UP Drones was able to complete assignments for numerous companies that saved time and resources while adding value to their various projects. Those with whom we enjoyed a profitable collaboration included: 

  • The Applegate Group
  • HDR
  • Cardno
  • T2 Utilities
  • DataSight
  • Forsgren
  • Brinkmann
  • Dirt Solutions
  • Kelley Trucking
  • Ivy Street Designs
  • Weston Solutions 

How Can 1UP Drones Serve You in 2020? 

Drones mean business at 1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc., as you can see from these few 2019 business highlights. How about you? Have you caught the vision of how drones can improve your bottom line by saving time, resources, and increasing safety? Contact us at 1UP Drones by calling 303-963-9766 or messaging us online to discuss how we can use drones to elevate your business in 2020.