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How Drones are Helpful for Construction in a Time of Social Distancing

COVID-19 has altered the world around us. Every individual sees lifestyle changes by this virus in one way or another. Of course, in a time like this, it is vital to come together with tips and tools on how to navigate this surreal environment. As a drone company, it is exciting to be a part of an industry that can aid in the coronavirus situation, and while we are abiding by all “shelter in place” orders, there are utilities, insurance companies, and construction companies that drone technology has become a vital part of their business during these trying times. Drones can be useful in a multitude of ways, but we will dive into how they can help with social distancing and construction. 

To begin, the spread of coronavirus in the US — and the world — has absolutely skyrocketed. The United States has surpassed every country in confirmed cases. Unfortunately, there are now almost 1 million confirmed cases worldwide with over a fifth of those being in the US. A lot of information surrounding COVID-19 is uncertain at this stage, but new discoveries are being made daily. One thing that for certain is how contagious this virus truly is. Experts across the medical field have insisted that individuals practice social distancing in order to slow the spread and flatten the curve. 

Social Distancing

This term has become perhaps the most common saying in recent weeks. Throughout individual conversations, across the media, etc.. Although it has become very inconvenient, it is absolutely vital to practice. The importance of staying inside is key to getting back to typical life. And, of course, if someone needs to go to an ‘essential’ business, stay six feet apart. 

These new social standards have flooded everyday interactions. This does not exclude construction which has been deemed essential in many US states. 

Drones and Construction

Drones have become a part of construction in recent years. To start, they have the ability to get nonpareil aerial footage of sites. This aids in surveying the land quickly and accurately as well as monitoring each stage of the project, asset management, delivery of supplies, etc. For improved efficiency, they can be effectively utilized before, during, and after. They can also be used to increase and improve security of sites to better monitor the area. Drones can also be helpful for transporting goods across sites or from facilities. 

This just brushes the surface for ways that drones can help in construction. More importantly, these devices are crucial for social distancing during construction in the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

Drones Helping Social Distancing in Construction

As highlighted above, drones are incredible tools to accurately and quickly monitor construction sites. This holds true to projects during coronavirus and inherently limits person to person contact. 

An individual position

For starters, drone operators typically will work alone while onsite. These workers can survey the entire site and bring the information to the rest of the team. Since this footage can be portrayed in real time, countless parties can individually watch the footage to make sure jobs are being done safely. Zoom meetings and other “social distancing” technology that has taken off allows for communication with key stakeholders, investors, construction engineers, and others very effectively.

Replacement of in person meetings

Typically, construction projects will have several meetings per week with various participants. With the help of the drone footage as well as video conferencing apps (such as Zoom), all of these meetings can be conducted remotely. For instance, a group of stakeholders can see a real time walkthrough to see the advancement of the site. The coronavirus restrictions on travel and group gatherings make these tools essential for projects to run smoothly.

Real time inspection

Drones are popular across many industries — and for personal use. For construction projects, as highlighted before, workers can monitor their sites in real time without physically being there. This, for obvious reasons, practices social distancing while still allowing the necessary involvement of different members of the team. 

Various other uses

Clearly, drones are already widely used for construction tasks. They are even more vital today during the pandemic. These devices can be utilized for pre-construction tasks such as original land inspections for cracks in sidewalks prior to construction, streets, etc. as well as site surveying. They can monitor safety compliance or identify possible hazards. More notably, on top of videos, some drones also have the capability to create architectural data. For example, 3D point cloud models or comparing design built to as-builts. 

Other Ways Drones Help in a Pandemic

As mentioned in our other blog, there are many ways drones can help in the COVID-19 crisis. From transportation of medical supplies to disinfecting public spaces or surveillance, drones have been helping to limit the spread of the virus. In this time of social distancing, these devices have aided in the overall public safety of medical professionals, construction workers and so many others. There is a company out of Canada that has developed sensor technology connected to a drone that can see individuals in a crowd who has a temperature or coughs.  They will act as a systems integrator with a healthcare data services company to help health officials identify an outbreak. The “pandemic” drone will be able to fly over people to identify their temperature and respiratory conditions to limit infection of others.

The pandemic is a strange time for everyone. Changes and new information come daily. Luckily, since we are in the technology age, it is easier to stay connected and get through this time together. Tips and strategies are encourage-able across channels which can ultimately bring communities together. If you have a tip, technology to share, or would like to explore how drones may help your business during the pandemic please reach out to us here.