Digital Aerolus Aertos 130IR

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The world’s best workforces require the world’s best tools. Tools designed to get the job done. Tools that can be used in any environment and that survive the rough-and-ready demands of the men and women who use them. Specialized tools that fill voids and solve problems, and make your work more successful, not more complicated.

No one wants second-rate tools on the jobsite. And while drones may seem unique and promising, they don’t exactly thrive in challenging environments. Your demanding task deserves Rugged and Durable – not Fragile, or Vulnerable, or Risky.

You want a tough tool, not an expensive toy.

Your tools should work just as hard as you do and come back in one piece, and Aertos UAVs from Digital Aerolus change the game. Gone are the days of shattered plastic and flimsy frames. Aertos UAVs feature a tough carbon fiber body built for the toughest tasks, and a cutting-edge flight framework that keeps you in the air through the tightest, trickiest paths. It’s a flying supercomputer with a breathtaking set of imagers and sensors, and it’s the smartest tool in the shed.

We design and manufacture every Aertos UAV and controller right here in the USA. We understand your job – and we know what tools you need to do your job better.

Experience the Aertos difference – it’s a rugged, smart, autonomous, American UAV for industrial inspections. It’s a tool, not a toy.


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The Aertos 130IR, an advanced model that dramatically improves on the Aertos line’s groundbreaking flight code and inspection capabilities.The Aertos 130IR offers the most stable flight experience possible in GPS-denied and confined-space operations, using the proprietary folded-geometry framework and advanced sensors to constantly measure and understand its environment. From self-correcting flight in variable conditions to the capability to expertly navigate tight spaces, the 130IR is the premier option for inspections and variable indoor operations.

Want to learn more about the Aertos 130IR’s unprecedented stability, rugged construction, and sensor package? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demonstration of this American-made drone.


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