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Configuration A : UAV with configured Jeti DS-12 Controller and Long Range Telemetry
(Configuration A does NOT support video streaming)



Inspired Flight produces reliable, data-secure, American-built drones designed for any commercial industry.

We strive to be the industry leader in providing leading-edge drone technology to the commercial UAV market. Our flagship products are the Bernoulli 3 fully-integrated smart motor and the IF750 quadcopter series, a modular drone solution built for commercial use.

Capable of adapting to diverse commercial applications, the IF750 Base couples a modular design with a 2.2Kg lift capacity, enabling users to integrate any payload. An intuitive and open design simplifies drone repairs. Reduced downtime means users can focus more energy on completing their objectives. Also with a robust carbon fiber frame and advanced safety features, the IF750 Base is built for the most demanding applications in the harshest environments.

The IF750 Quadcopter is a validated, open-source hardware platform that enables users to integrate custom payloads and technologies for any commercial purpose. Utilizing an OEM drone platform allows organizations to keep a narrow focus and pursue activities best suited to their strengths.

The primary objectives of the IF750 Quadcopter are to provide both a reliable & customizable platform with dynamic hardware features. With patented motor technology (rated for 1200 hours of use) & innovative safety features, the IF750 Quadcopter is a powerful & safe commercial solution. A focus on modularity facilitates the integration of custom computers, sensors, & software.

Whether you’re looking to research radical new commercial drone applications or bring to market a specific full-stack drone solution, leveraging the IF750 Quadcopter will provide your organization the best avenue to achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively. Designed with the OEM in mind, the IF750 Quadcopter is made for custom integration and our California-based support team is eager to assist with the integration of custom payloads. They are available via phone and email for any questions you may have.

An open-source PX4 OS allows users to integrate their own programs and modify the drone’s firmware in order to configure custom payloads. Users can modify drone functions to best suit their needs.

By leveraging predictive maintenance technology, users can check the health of onboard components in real-time. A stock non-ballistic parachute recovery system serves as the ultimate fail-safe in the event of an emergency.

Everything needed for operation, including payloads, fit into a Pelican 1637 Air case. Easily transport your drone to any site, with custom foam padding that ensures the safety of the drone and other components.

The IF750 Quadcopter is designed to be easily user-serviceable for any maintenance or repair. Inspired Flight can provide any replacement part and our support team will assist in getting you back in the air as quickly as possible.

Flight Time: 18-25 minutes

Drone Weight: 4.5KG

Safety: Non Ballistic Parachute Recovery System

Operating System: PX4

The Bernoulli 3 motor comes with a built-in Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and RGB Navigational-Lighting in one innovative solution. The Bernoulli 3 is engineered for extreme durability and reliability and is capable of performing in nearly any condition. The internal ESC is conformally coated to protect from wet conditions (IP-65 certified).

  • Motor Size- 3515 RPM per Volt- 450 kV Shaft Size – 4 mm Weight: – 184g Input
  • Nominal Voltage Range: 14.8V – 29.6V
  • Maximum Voltage Range: 10.0V – 34.0V
  • Recommended Battery: 4s – 8s LiPo
  • Max Continuous Current: 25 Amps
  • Max Burst Current: 35 Amps
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 19×19, 19×25, & 25×25



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