Inspired Flight – IF1200 Base Drone, Configuration A


IF1200 & IF750 Video

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Configuration A : UAV with configured Jeti DS-12 Controller and Long Range Telemetry
(Configuration A does NOT support video streaming)


Compliance with National Defense Authorization Act 2020


The NDAA Section 848 prohibits federal departments and agencies from procuring any foreign commercial off-the-shelf drone or covered unmanned aircraft system manufactured or assembled in countries identified as national security threats.

Section 848 is a provision of the act that prohibits the DoD from operating, entering into, or renewing a contract for the procurement of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and any related services or equipment that (1) is manufactured in, (2) uses certain equipment (flight controllers, radios, cameras, etc.) manufactured in, (3) uses a ground control system or operating software developed in, or (4) uses network connectivity or data storage located in or administered by, the People’s Republic of China or an entity domiciled in China. Similar prohibitions also apply to UAS detection or identification systems. The Secretary may grant waivers on a case-by-case basis if the operation or procurement “is required in the national interest of the United States.”


NDAA Compliant vehicles and systems manufactured and distributed by Inspired Flight Technologies, Inc. may contain the following components and subsystems which are identified in the Act.


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